The World’s Leading Cardio Drumming Program

DrumFIT enables a fun, active lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities. With programming for schools, seniors, instructors, gyms and you – wherever you are! DrumFIT has something for everyone.

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We know cardio drumming

We are an international team who are passionate about improving your life.

SINCE 2006

DrumFIT has developed and advanced cardio-drumming programming to address 21st century wellness challenges.


Millions of people have enjoyed the benefit of improved physical and mental wellness through DrumFIT’s highly developed music and video programming.


Celebrated globally as the #1 provider of cardio-drumming programming.

DrumFIT’s Global Reach

DrumFIT for

Easy to teach and fun to learn! Featuring lesson planning software coupled with a library filled with hundreds of easy-to-follow videos that focus on physical activity, development of key social and emotional skills, and feature mindfulness and meditative activities to help children manage their physical and mental health.

DrumFIT for

Designed for Seniors, our Classics program is a great music social that encourages participants of all ability and mobility ranges to socialize and move together for brain and body health.

DrumFIT for

You can get your DrumFIT Instructor Certification online from anywhere in the world, without having to travel! After this comprehensive training, you will be ready to immediately teach DrumFIT, the world’s leading cardio-drumming program.

Meet the DrumFIT Team

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