Professional Development

Professional development

Our belief is that if we provide Quality Professional Development that enhances your teaching skills, you will be more effective at using DrumFIT’s curriculum to increase opportunities for your students to achieve the SEL learning competencies, cardio-endurance, physical fitness, and enjoyment for a healthy life.
Our professional development is designed for educators to walk away with ready-to-implement ideas for activities that meet all student learning needs and enhance thought process. Action packed hands-on, subject specific learning for all levels.
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Available Workshops

DrumFIT® Cognitive, Cardiovascular & Community Building Activities

Designed for educators, who are new to DrumFIT to develop ideas for warm-up, full cardio and cool down activities to meet the needs of all students’ learning and fulfill curriculum expectations. Visible thinking routines enhance reflection and the sharing process by loosely guiding the thought processes and encouraging active processing.
During the cardio drumming session, teachers will experience best practices for creating lessons using the DrumFIT video platform, organization of equipment and students, to maximize student learning time, increase SEL benefits and access the online curriculum platform.

Achieving Social and Emotional Learning Competencies with DrumFIT: Redirecting and Verbalizing SEL Opportunities

Interactive drumming and rhythm activities activate behaviors that are core to social, emotional development. The basic lessons of listening and creating a beat together are the foundations for social, emotional learning. Students activate their internal locus of control and engage fully; they practice pro-social behavior in a way that is natural, playful and fun for everyone. While it encourages self-expression in the participant, it also promotes cohesiveness as a group as there is teamwork involved in the performance. Having students work in cooperative team games further enhances these competencies
Join us in examining the five primary SEL skills, as defined by CASEL, found in cardio drumming. We will dive in hands-on to explore curriculum, games and collaborative team activities that reinforce these concepts.

DrumFIT’s Educators Guide to Drumming and Mindfulness

Mindfulness opportunities are achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Regular mindfulness practice is scientifically proven to change the biochemistry of our body and is also responsible for reducing the brain’s stress response. Join us in exploring the use of group drumming to practice and achieve mindfulness. Come away with a full understanding of the impressive impact a group drumming program can have on your school. We will explore curriculum, games and collaborative team activities that reinforce each of these concepts and more.

The Power of Health & PE Communication

As schools adopt, develop and integrate curriculum for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), growth and development, these behavior areas are evaluated by observation. The very basic criteria for observing social and emotional development start with the student’s ability to communicate with others. This training zeros in on strengthening and bringing cognitive awareness to delivering effective communication while interconnecting the student’s ability to establish, define and communicate personal boundaries.

Overcoming the Pandemic SEL Deficit ~ New in 2021

Recognizing the near paralysis of SEL growth for students during the pandemic shut down is critical to move forward with initiatives to make up for SEL competency growth deficits. The focus of this recovery is to provide greater opportunities for schools to engage in activities that will expedite the recovery of the SEL growth competencies aligned with age expectations. We will explore how strong relationships will be essential to students’ academic success and well-being more than ever this coming school year. Learn how to ensure that students are connected to their peers and have strong supporting relationships with adults in school that will go a long way toward helping them cope and get to a place mentally where they are ready to learn.

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Workshops are offered in-person or virtual. All workshops have been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality by an independent CPD accreditation with global CPD requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically change a flat fee for in-person or virtual, regardless of how many attendees you have. For in-person there will be limited numbers of equipment (30-60 sets) and teachers can rotate to each have a turn.

In-person workshops range from 2-3 hours, depending on the number of attendees. Virtual workshops are typically 1-1.5 hours.

No, you can attend any of our workshops, regardless of ones you have attended in the past. You also do not need to have DrumFIT at your school to benefit from the learnings.

We do professional development for individual schools or entire districts, school boards and MAT’s.

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