Cardio Drumming
For Unique Needs!

Older adults are a growing population in North America, who require more customized programs that respond to their unique lifestyles and physical abilities and that address their health and wellness treatment and prevention needs

This is where DrumFIT Classics cardio comes in!

DrumFIT Classics and its highly customizable Music, Motion & Memory Program is suitable for a wide range of ability levels, from sitting to standing, with varying intensity, ensuring that everyone in this growing age group can have access to the benefits of this unique cardio program.

Top (Treatable) Health Conditions in US for People Aged 50+*

Source: World Health Organization, Cumulative U.S. DALYs (2010)

Benefits of DrumFIT cardio

A fun, supportive and inclusive group activity for older adults of all mobility ranges!

Almost a third of all non-institutionalized older persons in the United States live alone, which is giving rise to a new epidemic: Social Isolation and Loneliness among older adults are a prevalent concern in North America and have been shown to increase mortality risk by 29% and 26% respectively.


However, light-to-moderate exercise like cardio can counter this risk by significantly reducing rates of depression and increasing social functional levels. It also has proven positive impacts on health outcomes such as lowering of BMI, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Research shows that regular exercise is linked to fewer days of restricted activity, reduced risk of institutionalization, and improvement for those living with dementia or experiencing some form of memory loss.

Supporting Healthy, Happy Lives

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